Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Writing & Illustratingfor Young Readers Workshop

Sometimes it seems that whenever I find something I really like, it gets discontinued. This has happened with toothpaste, cookies, lipstick, yogurt, face cream...and most recently, my favorite writing conference in the world. I attended the BYU Writing For Young Readers conference three times and absolutely loved it. Then, due to my dad's passing and a trip to visit family in Europe, I missed a couple of years. Excited to finally be able to attend again, I went to the BYU website...and was greeted with a notice saying the conference was no longer being offered. Oh, I was bummed. There was no redirection to another site, no mention of a new venue, nothing. Later, I was researching presenters at a different conference when lo and behold, I found a link to the Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop. Everything was the same except it was no longer being offered at BYU. By the time I happened across it, I was too late to register for the morning workshop session with awesome Brandon Mull—after hoping for years they would get him, his class was full. Another bummer...but at least the conference is still available! David Farland (see interview below) will also be there (but his morning session is sold out, too).

It's expensive, especially if you're traveling—but so worth the price. This one is the best. I always come away inspired, motivated, and improved as a writer. And this year, my daughter is 16, so we can take turns driving.


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