Saturday, August 28, 2010

St. George Workshop

How nice to have a writing event in my neck of the woods! My daughter and I attended a workshop in
St. George a couple of weeks ago (on the 14th). It was hosted by Rick Walton (author of nearly 100 picture books) and Mette Ivie Harrison (author of The Princess and the Hound series). We participated in the novel workshop with Mette.

Quotes from Rick Walton:

"The way to make a lot of money in publishing is to start with a lot of money."

"You start out with garbage, and the revision process is what turns it into gold."

"I think we're born creators."

"You can write an awful story in an hour, but it's good practice."

(on book marketing) "It is mostly magic. It's voodoo. I have seen no correlation between how hard I work on a book and how it sells."

Quotes from Mette Ivie Harrison:

"All writers are thieves except those who say they aren't—they are liars and thieves."

"Be aware of the threads that you're holding and tweak them at just the right moment."

(on writing the first draft) "I like to experience the story, be surprised by my own novel."

"I'm always telling people not to have prologues."

Mette also talked about novels having both an external and an internal plot as well as the different plot patterns such as romance, quest, adventure, and tragedy. She mentioned that Twilight was actually a romance plot with magic and fantasy woven in, which explained why I didn't like it so much. I preferred New Moon because it was more about the fantasy elements than the romance, since Edward was gone for most of the book.

And a little aside to Erin, if you happen to read this: as we were driving home, I told Emalee not to lose the purple stickie with your email address written on it; so, of course, she promptly lost it! Hopefully you still have mine.